1 May

Official Release

Raabin Medical Database

Accessibility to medical data for producing medical software and hardware

Medical Data

At the present time, Raabin Medical Database make a free access to 40000 microscopic images of peripheral normal white blood cells for commercial and non commercial proposes.

How Access To Data

1-As the first step you should register (It is possible that confirmation email has been sent to your spam box)(You can download all free data without registration. Dear user, please notice your registration help our company to deliver our clients more services.)

2- As the second step you should fulfil your profile account.

3- After registration you can see Free Data page and download your chosen data.



Raabin has planed to prepare wide range of medical data for any experts who needs the reliable medical data.

So that to achieve such aim we need medical experts cooperation. Now join us


Raabin makes it possible for medical professionals to share their data, which has sometimes been unused in their office or health center for years, by marketing them for artificial intelligence experts across the country and around the world. In this way, apart from the possibility of preparing and writing various articles in these fields, it will also be possible to create wealth for the medical community.

One of the biggest barriers to research and industry in the engineering community, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, is the preparing of data. Raabin Health Database provides besides access to a variety of health data for the artificial intelligence community, standardizing research and its products. It is worth mentioning that the data is provided by prominent natural and legal persons in the field of medicine, whose names and details are available on the database site.

Raabin Health Database does not receive any data with the patient's name and profile. All data will contain specialist’s diagnosis and information such as age, sex and finally the city of residence of the patient.