Raabin Health Database

Accessing the health-related data to produce medical software and hardware

Health-related data

Currently, there is a possibility for presenting more than 40,000 images of 5 types of white blood cells (including neutrophil, eosinophil, basophil, lymphocyte, and monocyte) to the researchers free of charge (for the commercial and non-commercial projects).

Steps to download the data

1-In the first step, register to the site. Please check your “spam box” after registration.(Note that the respected users can download the free data without the need to register. However, the registered information when signing up will be used for better interaction and service delivery to all our dear customers.)

2- Then, enter the site via the activation link and fill up the appropriate spaces in the user panel.

2-Now, you can refer to the free data page, choose the considered data and download it from the related page.


Cooperation with Raabin

The health database of Raabin attempts to widely provide various kinds of data in the health domain for the access of all scientists. 

Therefore, Raabin calls upon all the specialists in the medical science community to cooperate in providing and sharing the health data. Now join us


Raabin ensures this possibility for the medical professionals to help the artificial intelligence specialists in our country and all around the world by providing the information of their office or medical center that might be inactive for years besides marketing. As such, in addition to the possibility for elaboration and composition of different sorts of essays in these fields, also there exists a potential for wealth creation for the medical community.

One of the biggest research and industrial impediments for the community of engineers, especially artificial intelligence professionals, is data procurement. Raabin health database provides the accessibility to various data in the health domain for the artificial intelligence community in addition to the standardization of the researches and the resulted products. Remarkably, the data are provided by prominent natural and legal individuals in the medical domain which each of their names and features is accessible on the database site.

In the Raabin health database, no data will be received with the names or features of the patients. All the data are considered by the diagnosis of the specialist and consist of some information such as age, gender, and the residence of the patient.